Travelling the world by motorbike Janet: What's Bine doing? Mona: Taking a shit Janet: Where? Mona: Oh, somewhere in the bushes Mona: wave Bine! Janet: wave! Bine: Stop that! The Thakhek-Loop is a famous, sometimes dangerous route to drive in Laos Hello! Here we are again, live from the bike We are doing the Thakhek-Loop Driving behind me is Mona, she's joing us from now on We just started the Loop and we are enjoying life! A truck tipped over on the road and all these people have to wait until the road is cleared That's the advantage of driving on a motorbike, yeah! I hope nobody was hurt Mona? Where are we at this moment? Somewhere in the mountains.

Look at that! Awesome! Ah well, nothing special.

Nah, just kidding 🙂 Let's go to Kong Lo Cave.


5 km long boat ride underneath a mountain we are in a 6.

5 km long cave and we are under the mountain now It's a little bit scary! We were asked to leave the boat now, the guy is probably moving on a little bit it's exciting because we have no idea what's ahead of us what's gonna happen? It's very humid in here, and I'm sweating my ass off We actually thought it's gonna be nice and cold in here, but it's not.

(later it gets cold!) We made it! Daylight! Air! Freedom! We continue driving the loop! Accidents, motor breakdowns, adventure! Tune in!.

Source: Youtube