Ban Laem when googled comes up in south in petchaburi (thats south west Thailand)! For the life of me I was wondering what kind of border was there? Its Acutally up north east from Bangkok past Sakoe border.

Any ways, I went with a Visa Run agency and was really suprised. Usually I drive to the borders and get my stuff done my self. I have been to Kanchaburi , Bukit kayu Hitam and The other smaller one’s from Malaysia. Done Sakoe but this is a really pain in the butt border crossing. So Ban laem was very nice and easy going. You get to wait in no mans land and come back and do your Thai visa but with the rest of all (cambodian stuff)is taken care off! I wont put much on here cos then we wont have the oppurtunity to use the place again if to much is given away.  I would do it again as a Malaysian its unlimited border runs!

Anywas if your wondering where it is heres the pics on maps and you should be abe to find it nice and fast. There is nice website about the market there but unfortunatly its using a speacialised map system I have no clues about.

Doing your visa by yourself will incur further charges unless you do plan to spend 24 hours in cambodia and then its fine. 24 stay back rule to get stamped out.

Trat border crosing to Koh kong is fun but far as well. Ban haklek.