Coding is something I have been procrastinating learning, maybe cos I am lazy ass person. I am very imaginative, creative and love making new stuff and inventing ways of solving problems. So I have been looking into a few things from paying for stuff to study and learn, also just reading up on a lot of stuff  for about 2-4 hours daily that’s freely available online.

What I have come up with or concluded is going from zero to something is just impossible because even your time cost money.  So far making a game is easy and by far the most fastest ways you can make some money. Blogging yes maybe but its not something where I can excel at why? Because my interest are so varied and and My English isn’t as professorial as it should be.  Glad I don’t have those spelling and grammar hounds correcting me here and there. The point is to get your thoughts across and that’s sufficient. I not into niche ideas.

Ok, before I go on a tangent stream of thought back to game development. I have been looking at Unity 3d, Buildbox, AppGamekit, and few others. All are fun and amazing with what they can do. There are many paid and free lessons on line and youtube, udemy and so forth. I don’t know why I just don’t have the feel for them. I guess I am picky. Now I am trying to learn something through HTML5 as its the easiest. Also to deploy your games you do not have to pay apple or google a developers fees to upload your game. That’s a $100 bucks each. Whats another good thing is you upload it to Facebook developers account and feature it there with a ready audience of billion users. Monetisation of the free development is the goal.

Obviously you cant make simple 1980’s asteroid games with all the graphics and bling that’s on the screen’s these days. So yeah you might have to look at sprite or character building tools with some design learning as well.  check out this one slither dot io < I am not linking to it but its just simple and brilliant with an old idea. You can not reinvent the wheel but you can always improve on it!

As I go more about producing something I will add more on here about. I will also be writing on a new project I am working with a team in Malaysia in the coming days. Its awesome and glad I am just giving ideas and creating the vision for it and not doing the coding or something. Catch you all soon. Of  course this subject or topic is not finished and shall continue.