Being creative sometimes drains people. Your imagination is always running wild. Your solving world issues or obscure garden problems. What ever the case might be. Wouldn’t it be fun to  have an app that puts you together with a muse if you are some one wishing to have that spark in your life.

People are the best influence rs of ideas and products. I like watching people do what ever they do not to be a perv of some kind or a stalker for the moment. Its just amazing how people do things and the magic of life , happiness and all kinds of emotions.

The app would be a kind of tinder with their creations or creativity but no selfie pics. It would be something people can chat with and exchange ideas not for dating or hooking up. But for People who share like minded artistic and invention-able aspiring  quests.

The app that would allow you to meet your muse and see how things change with your creativity? Then again they could be energy vampires? Who knows. That’s the whole process of being alive and crazy and creative in every form. The good bad and ugly?

Anyways was just a thought.  What’s your opinion would you consider using it if it was out there? would the muse get royalty. LOL that’s today’s world! Shall i go build it?