Is there such a thing as Vegan Medicine? its curios because I met some one who’s purely Vegan and literally moved to Thailand for the fruits. Yes Thailand being in the tropics has so many fruits all year around that its so crazy for the amount of variety it has. The prices are also so cheap that if your coming in from western countries or places with higher currency value, your in the right place.

Well back to the question about vegan medicine is there such a thing? or is everything a home made remedy? How far will you take it? most medicines are held together with some for of gelatin which is animal based. Would you risk your health with only one miracle cure which is CBD oil? for everything? if your wondering whats that, it is canaboid oil made from mary jane. Ganja or weed.

Well I was really curious and I googled up vegan medicine and imagine to my surprise google came up with less then five pages of results and none of them about specific meds or even an online store… Hmm maybe I should setup up one. Well the weird thing is when I was studying medicine in Ukraine Simferopol, now its part of Russia. Going to the opteka or pharmacy I used to look at a lot of charts and medicine completely made from plants. ex Valerian .. it helps with anxiety and relaxing. Many more as I cant recall but at that point I was interested in selling them or bringing them to Malaysia or setting up some kind of business but Russian and Ukrainian laws don’t permit posting anything and apparently they need to pack stuff up(post office staff) for what ever you want to post. Laws didn’t permit my business model so I forgot about it.

Now back to the question would some one grow mold on bread the right kind to get penicillin from the mold on bread?(antibiotics) I mean heck your a vegan and there isn’t some other kind of choice right? gross hyperbole but i think you get what I mean.

Wouldn’t it better just taking the correct meds like Muslims can take meds with alcohol as its for medication and not indulgence? Not to be rude or ignorant. What do vegans do in such circumstances? its not religion its a choice right. Oh well I guess I will be left wondering on.  Unless you can enlighten me please . I would be great full.