Tinkering around with ideas I had one to use a property real estate theme WordPress site made entirely for Sings and Billboards. Hey everything else is listed why not spaces for advertising  all over the world for rent for show casing your ideas?

Being in the startup community in Malaysia I usually end up seeing people posting ” hey where can I find a list of billboard advertisers?” Well then people comment on agencies and such and you usually end up being extorted by a single monopoly that shows you where and what they have with huge prices because of middle men or brokers.

Now lets get rid of the middle men and have a listing with Geo positioning to show exactly which sign board and where and how much for the contract to show case your adds.  This would save you time know your exact market place and audience.

Just like real estate it can be listed be it a small area on the wall or a huge free standing tall tower with huge electronic digital signs. Wouldn’t that be cool idea! Here was something I was doing! Link      snb.space standing for signs and billboards dot space.