Weekends and weekdays and holidays. They all seem the same to me. What really has me caught up is this, Bank working days and Bank holidays These, I care about.  Also how they wrap around time when your in different time zones.

Its like me saying “Yeah its’ Monday and my money will be here from the usa today!” then realizing crap its Sunday there. Well as we now sit on this small blue planet which seems to keep getting smaller and smaller each day its just mind boggling.

Time has always been the same but everything else is just so changed! The speed of people has it changed? Are we moving faster in time as we have saved so much time doing what ever we have been doing? we have computers , smart phones, planes and cars and what ever not thingies to save time to get more done. Do we do more now?

As you can see for me it makes no difference if its any other day. My mind is full of goobligog 24/7 ! and Thinking of a million and one things. Just need one of the those magic button thingies to stop time! Have a nice week end.