Billions and Billions and people still invest into companies with such huge valuation and guess what, They have to make back over that to cover the value of all the money which was invested.

This means all the money that’s there being spent and nothing is being made with these companies while smaller companies are doing a better job, using the acquired customers who were taught by the first giant to do what ever it is. Moving onto smaller companies with better benefits and prices and ideas. Smaller companies gain from money spent by bigger ones.

Isn’t There something wrong with today’s business model. Companies want to take over the world using drivers and people to get propped up huge and cover every corner of the world to later let them all fall flat by using robots or autonomous workers or cars. Wheres the money gonna come from then?

So does it mean tons of jobs down the drain when these companies start making huge amounts? or would there be an economic crises and there goes the whole company? I remember when companies like Paypal were setup and Microsoft they had investments in early stages but not as obscene as today’s markets. They were already generating good revenue’s as well.

Today’s world is like this “Hey I have a start up idea. Please come invest so I can carry my ass of the chair and do something” is it this that we have created ? Wow, how things have changed and your debt value is your asset value!

I should owe millions so I am considered a millionaire… maybe I am going nuts in this world. Sunday Thoughts.