Ar Guided Tour dot com (just bought the domain) is something new and way more awesome then just navigation maps. This is a mix of google street-view while using Alex (chat bot) and Augmented reality character all at the same time.

Ever heard of Placenote ? Location based AR experiences in museums, stores, conferences etc. They help build these systems for unity  and has its own sdk, so imagine this in daily life.

You hit your AGT(Ar Guided Tour) app on your ways out  of the house. Ste-ping out of your residence. You scan the floor and around you with your phone, Choose your character avatar in 3D. The journey begins. Its Asks you a few questions and you respond. Saying you would like to go to the museum next door.

AGT app lets you know the price of tickets for today and walks along with you asking questions pertaining to the museum and your  interests. Keeping you entertained till you get there. Helps you with a cashless ticket with your near filed controller on the phone or some such mechanism.  You walk in and your Ar character takes you on a detailed tour of the museum keeping in mind your interest.  It pretty much knows the whole layout of the place so you can actually whisper ” hey wheres the wash rooms” to be led there while your on break from learning and interacting with art work. Through your Ar guide.

AR Guided Games and Fun .

Well my idea would incorporate such things and also be a guide to the cities you travel too. My vision of this is landing say some where in Penang (Malaysia). There is three entrances to the island. Ferry , Bridge or Airport .

You fly in as a tourist and are given a free sim on the plane to use the system. It would be 4g based. Installing the app would activate the sim( would need a tie up with one of the local tel-cos) When you verify the sim with debit/cash card to simplify verification. Login in with your social media account to later participate in gamification of the tour your about to have. Meaning it will be fun an entertaining tour not the usual follow the maps and see and do stuff your self. Don’t forget this will also be able to connect to groups for more fun stuff. (your own group if traveling in such a manner)

Lets keep it simple and say your alone. It might ask you for the duration of your stay and what your budget is. This will generate where you can stay and all the sights you might be able to see for that amount of money. Then again if your into night life and other fun stuff you can add that in as well. Ex going of the beaten path doing pub crawls or even guided to street food.

How would gamification work with this? Well hotels would buy our diamonds or gold coins digitally on the app. While adding info and scanning their place for people to see menus and stuff and woo tourist with incentivising people with these points. Obviously we get points as a share and give the tourist a share. So, say you went to hotel there two of same type next to each other, it is about the same cost as another one near you but you get 10 points here. It might persuade you to stay there.

While sight seeing you do fun stuff like find certain spots with Ar graphiti take a pic with it and post it on social media you get points as well . All these points are traded back for souvenirs or cash on our online store or kiosks  when your on ways in departure sights from Penang.

Simplified non complex version or my rattling. It’s Pokemon go of tourism! with more Ai and with alot helpfull information

What do you think? Would you use it would you like me to put more of the idea up?