Marijuana, Cannabis New startup App ideas.

                     Weed the good stuff is hard to come by and now its all over the darn place. Well I was reading up on, some up and coming startups and some digital crypto coins as well wow! There goes all the bad guys from the picture and no more smuggling. Weed is the new chique venture capitalist dream

         CBD oil has all the pharma companies with the panties in a bunch as well. They were all out about this and now they are buying every one up. (weed farms) According to the numerous studies it cures all. Kills less then any other medication drug or intoxicant. I can totally understand completely.

Example with Alcohol even a little you sit in the car and drive, which you should not ever ! The car is doing 150 km/ph and you think its going slow and you want to go faster, where as your mind is slow. You smoke weed or consume it. Your in a car going 5 km/ph thinking your going at blinding speed and your brain is mush and you want to go slower. so you see the effects. Nevertheless how many people have you heard of over dosed on weed? none.

OK, let me not go all over the place with this but besides on demand deliveries app + plkus food delivery together which is a no brainier for this product. What I thought would be really cool is

1, Review website for all weed from every where in the country!

2, Subscription Boxes like shaving razors but the weed kind.

3,New insurance app for weed users and their stupidity.

4, Weedareboics or exercises for when you do weed guided by Augmented Reality.

5, Weed Recipe App

I have few more but hey this is enough for now. Following the seo rules of putting this and that many words … I mean wow how many dam rules are there?

Anyways people will come up with a lot of cool more ideas check out the new start up lists below and find out what they are doing.

Marijuana, Cannabis New startup App ideas.
Marijuana, Cannabis New startup App ideas.