Zero to $$$ Game Development Part II.

Stretchy Car Wars is what I Created! I wrote about going from zero learning and creating something to make money so far all I have done is spend money. Anyways as they say its a learning curve.

Well I started of with researching which development platform. Which would be the easiest as I don’t know a lot of coding but I do know simple stuff. I was looking at unity and unreal game engines, they were easy with all the samples and stuff they give with loads of video tutorials. The most import it should cost me nothing.

I tried and bought Appgame kit as it uses basic as a language but it was just all about code there. As it is I think everyone’s so used to drag and drop now. Then I tried Construct 2 to and it just felt easy and clicked. Saying this it doesn’t mean it is easy as that. I got most part of the game done and what we want, is to do it fast and start monetisation as quickly as possible.

Limitations of Free Stuff.

Few things about it is it the free version has limitation to its events which can be tricky. For those who do not know what events mean. Its like saying the character needs to jump or collide with something. This is added in as an event or action and the free version is limited to only 100.

When I got to  a stage like now where there are few more things I need to add. But first I wanted to see how it would look and feel to play on from a website and not just testing on you construct 2 player. Well it has been hell. There are severe limitations to it. Most game development platforms say hey come join and do this its simple. Like investing somethings are just to true to bee good.

The journey further.

Anyways I have added the video here for you to see how what its about. I am still trying to get it up on my site so people can goof of with it. The idea is simple .By the ways in this process of showing you the video , I had to get my YouTube channel up as well.

1, Have a blog post to put your ideas and journey down.(done)

2, create simple games and monetize them while you put down your experience get feed back and keep your focus on what your doing.(doing)

3, I started the game dev project on 27th of September 2018 so making one game a month is my goal and so far creating it was easy the rest is not.( 1st game and time frame correct)

4,The target is 12 games and in one year. These should make you a nice passive income of sorts if done right. If anything is made from the blog.. oh well.

5,Using the funds to put into bigger projects. App Dev and Forex( which I will get into later. ) it can create a compounding effect on your funds.

6, Even if you make so much or what ever. Its always good to keep on creating and doing never ever retire as you brain will shrivel and die.


Well that’s my thoughts for today here is first part of this post Zero to $$$ Game Development. Let me put the video of the game up so far and let your feed back rip!