The Plan So Far with game development.

Well, the plan so far with game development is going well. You know I have started with learning which platform in game development is comfortable for me. So far I do like Construct 2 as its easy but has a few hitches.

My plan is to make 12 games and one App maybe two. So what I am going to do is list them out here and show you whats going to happen and is happening as you follow along.

Usually it takes people a long time to come up with ideas and more time even with expanding on their ideas and creations. I some how have the ability to picture the whole thing and how and what. Unfortunately to articulate it and put it down on paper is a challenge.  To actually give you presentation is easier for me.

I think in the future videos of doing stuff is more fun and but then its also time consuming with learning and building apps and games and doing other stuff. So for now I will stick to this.

Ok, So here goes my Ideas for 12 games and the apps

1, Stretch Car wars. Its like the snake or Slithero but its cars and multiplayer.

2, Rubble Runner . This is a game plat-former like angry birds but but by directional.

3,Fish Spawn is Flappy bird come Contra mix also a plat-former.

4, Catapult Chess haven’t figured the name for it, but it has some part of throwing something like angry birds between two groups like chess. Hybrid board game in 2D.

5, Forex game where you learn to read candle stick patterns.

6, Chores gamification with parents and kids. Its like every week or month parents put in the chores that they want kids to do and goals , the app allows the kids to do it  with reminders bonus and rewards set by parents. unlocking games or phone hours and few deviations or other stuff .

7, Will post when I come up with it.

8,Will post when I come up with it.

9,Will post when I come up with it.

10,Will post when I come up with it.

11,Will post when I come up with it.

12, Will post when I come up with it.

Well there you go for the 12 games and now I will be working on the apps at the same time.

1, Yela The app. Which is an on demand app putting customers together with users or customers on a subscription base and totally decentralized.

2.Ar guided tour. An app the has Ar guide to help you do your travel planing and is your guide with gamification of tourism.

3. Yela wallet for Yela coin. Facilitating the use of Yela app

4, Website/App or Muses and Artists, it would be some kind of twist to Sugar-daddy and sugar babes. < that’s not what it is but giving you and example of course.

5,Website/App for Real estate of signs and billboards

6, App that helps friends and family lend each other money and has gentle reminders or group peer to lending with automated reminding.

Well there you have it what I am doing this next 12 months. That’s on the computer side of things. While I still do a lot of other offline business ventures and Ideas. I like to invest and dabble with Forex and commodities as well. Gardening and Fish Farming. These will come up later with the rest of the stuff on here.

Let me know what you think about my Ideas.How I can improve them and what i can do more.