Monetisation on Html5 Web Games.

For those of you who know about game development you know what this means. For those of you who don’t know, Monetisation of games is how people make money on the product the have made an app or game using advertising.

Game development takes time and energy, from the creative thought process of bringing it from idea to something playable on your device it goes through a lot of steps. Idea validation to a certain extent. The design creation and development of the game. The hardware and software it will need to scale once out.

The marketing and publishing and so many different million things to do! Its launch as well and where you  want to publish or host. The feedback and maintenance and tweaking after launch service. Well all this comes down to money.

Every game has a certain value and you maximize the return value, You sell or try to make as much as you can from the game. There is several methods which can make you money with a game.

You can sell the game to people wanting to play. These days more then not people go for freemium games(free games). Games that are free but have in app purchases where you can buy extra diamonds gold for using with in the game play since its digital value you can make money from this.

You can pay to have adds removed in a one of fee or you can have adds in the app which the creators and developers make money from. Admobs is the mobile version of what Adsense by google is for the browser.

Interestingly enough as I am going through the stages in learning and making my game and planing to monetize it . There is no option available for web games unless you make an expensive game. What I mean is you can not use construct or such Html5 game makers to have the advertising in your game. A great example Facebook web games has no advertising once online.

Now I sure many of you are going oh! Is that why game’s like Clash of Clans which is huge are not on desktop or Facebook. Yes they do not make much money on there. Look at the creator of flappy bird. He was making some where about $50k Usd a day from advertising and this was from only mobile platforms.

Imagine you make a game and you have no ways to monetize your efforts is that crazy or what? Anyways I have come up with an idea how to do it. How we can actually advertise within HTML5  games. Even if they are on platforms like Facebook. I will add that in my next post. This was Just informational.

Let me know how you went around this ? or what do you think about this?