I think every knows what developing an app or game means. Did you know there is another option to it. Its called reskining. This where if your interested in a certain app and want to develop something similar you don’t develop it. You buy the template instead and change a few things around.

Yes you buy it for minimal cost and you change things around, like the look and feel of it with different graphics and a new name but it does the same thing. We used to in past say china had inferior products.

They used to copy and make everything cheaper. I think by doing this they have learnt every aspect of how to develop new stuff now. Look at the iPhone its manufactured in china and their stuff is good.

As most people go into gaming or app dev and try to make a new portfolio the trend is to just to copy and make it cheaper or add one or two things to it that makes it better.

Development tools today are free and some are really cheap for yearly licenses. To spend time programming and hire graphic designers just imagine the labor cost. When i wanted to develop something in the past,I was quoted huge amounts. Now the same things are in the market for about 1% of the cost.

I am going to reskin a few apps and put it out there. I think its how you reskin or re-purpose it can make a huge difference. Spend Zero make something anything and i would say your in profit.

Today everything needs to look super for them to believe its a good product. Its like when you write, You could be writing crap in super good English but its good content or so its precieved.

The perception is if its glossy wow. Its incredible. If you have the meaning and you can transfer your knowledge with grammar and spelling mistakes it still makes you an idiot. So if the app is the same as the one on top of the app store and and google play store but looks crap no one will use it.

So if your gonna reskin make sure it looks good. Remember that this is now part of the tech industry so do not flood the markets with another Flappy bird. Reskining does take time and it depends are you good with graphics?

I am going to try a few reskin projects and see how it goes. That will be the next post. Maybe.