Love connection the game. First Playstore app done!

Love connection the game. First Playstore app done! and published it has been fun now in hind sight will fill in all the details and muck up’s. Rushing and doing things is not always a good plan

When the game was published I realized oh crap I didn’t proof Read it and correct everything. I was just so anxious to have it up there. Oh well lesson learnt. This is actually fun getting something done and putting it up for all.

Having it go from one platform build to the other has been a huge learning curve ( construct 2 to phone gap to android). I think now I have to get the IOS version up within a day or two.

I am having issues learning that, apples are more technical then bloody androids! There is a huge difference on their builds, also off topic, there are alot places you can literally place your games in public.

I do not have an android phone as well, so i really don’t know how it will look and feel. I tried the fire base testing platform and also used blue stack which is a program you can load on to your windows machine that’s has the behavior and acts like android phone on your native system. It worked fine there.

The first game Stretchy car is still in the process of being made as i am adding in multiplayer and leader boards. This Love Connection will need to be updated with a whole lot of new levels soon if people like it.

My schedule of having 12 games up in my portfolio has actually been accelerated. The fact is I am workaholic and I love to learn like a sponge. The only issue I have is with Authority of any type. LOL if i was working with a team it would be super fun/

Anyways lets have fun learn and do stuff that keeps you always going forward.

Here’s the link to this game Love Connection. google app store.