The site that allows people to judge your reviews and pay you for them.


Reviews keeping it real with today’s society

People buy whatever they feel is reviewed in the right manner and in extremely professional language. You can google yourself into an easy job of being a review writer. For Money, Professionals can write a review of how a donkey is a unicorn. Have they seen a donkey or a unicorn no?

The fact that they can actually create something so mouthwatering to your senses from their language you literally throw your wallet at them and say Take my money.  

This is the reality of online reviews today.

Retail shopping is dying and it only works for a small number of people now. People go out to get some coffee and end up buying something which is usually accidental shopping. Maybe we can call them, impulse buys. These are not what you look at reviews for or research something.

Something you research and look at a million reviews is something that will be well loved at or in your home or with your family. Something that has value not only in the financial sense but will make something better in your dwelling or workplace. We read these reviews and contemplate how it would be.

Some of us even get that trusted notebook( real paper and pens) and write up the pros and cons. We discuss it and not rush into that buy but savor that reward of the buy..

When finally you pull out that card and punch in the numbers and order it. Then have that waiting period where you prepare a place to put the item you want. Like a new member of the family about to arrive and take their place in what you have visioned to be its ideal place.

It does arrive and no it’s not what you thought it was. It doesn’t do exactly what you wanted. The unicorn is not the unicorn or is it a donkey. It’s a wireframe cut out from cardboard to look like something between a dog and goblin. Has That happened to you? Not the goblin part but I am sure you get the point.

Well, now you need to send it back, the thought of even keeping it is hideous. You are probably thinking back to all the people saying crap. Or the million one monosyllabic comments of others and saying NO. Why didn’t I accept that, why did I accept the people who wrote so well.


The Problem

  1. That reviews today are not accountable or accurate is the problem today. People are willing to say and do anything to sell you the item so they can make a buck. If they do review it with truth and dot all I’s and cross all the T’s the sale would not have happened. From buying paid reviewers to professional writers to pumping us with a million adds we don’t have the real what it can do feel. They can be bought and are not reliable whatsoever.

         Too many fake reviews paid reviewers.

2) Was it a niche blog? People are trying to sell you everything online and trying to do the reviews that benefit them. What about people who really buy and use it and how does it work out for them. Yes agreed you should also be rewarded for truthful reviews. Where do we find real reviews for everything there are so many niche sites all doing some kind of review with all finally putting their link below to sign and buy it from them. I realized this is a huge issue because of the number of online purchases we have today. People are sent the product and made an affiliate to sell it because they are influencers.

The reviewers are not rewarded for the truth they only get rewarded from the sale.

3) Too many sites which are scattered, as usual, you need to google review to find a place to review each item as its all not in one place.

There isn’t one place which is the go-to for reviews.

The solution which gives us a unique selling point

1) By doing video reviews online in one place, We have clarity if it comes from people with the product. We can see and listen what the pros and cons of the product are in real hands-on use.  Regular people doing reviews with the product in their hand.

2) We can see it’s usage or reviews worldwide and also decide is it globally crapy or just the ones made and sold in Malaysia. We can still have a better global view.

3) We can see the price difference everywhere and consumers will have an option to be a step ahead with the fair market value of the product.

4) Everyday users are more trustworthy in reviewing products rather than paid professional reviewers.

5) Reviewing makes you money from the general public which is totally different than people being paid to do the reviews. This makes the difference.

6) There are so many sites which do not put all reviews into one place.

7) We do have competition yes we do and they are paying for reviews from the business and relationships they have with the retailers. Which saves us time and money and following their rules and requirements.

So yes let’s make a difference and join Rveew.com