Zero Start Srrd

Lets Start From Zero and Make Money.


Welcome to my site!

The idea of doing this is simple. I wanted to chronicle all that I do on the web from now. Does it work? Is it reliable or is it all just adds and people making a quick buck here and there, relying on other peoples. I am starting out with Zero..$ not really already paid for the domain and hosting. So already down $50 bucks.

My English and grammar are not perfect but I think you will be able to follow me and understand what the heck I am ranting or trying to convey.

I just recently moved to a new country and am starting over with everything. I am attempting to see how one can manage and do something with out the need to spend much. How long does it take to make something out of nothing and how do i go about pursuing my interest and hobbies. Will they generate an income or even a buck who knows? Visa Runs. Travel Road trips.

lets see how this all goes about and you can follow my journey and discuss and suggest stuff. I love inventing new app ideas and in general ideas for everything. For Gods sake’s I have procrastinated in learning coding for so long. So I will be doing that. I do love Forex but unfortunately I have an extreme rebellious streak in me that doesn’t allow me to follow normal and conventional methods as I question and always end up going up stream instead of following and going with the flow.

Anyways this is just a little about me and I am sure some of you will find out who I am and about what. I am not hiding just prefer putting my self out there with out a bias.

Lets Do it Zero Start Srrd dot Com

I will be posting a lot of my random thoughts as well here. updates on a a lot of stuff as well in general.


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