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Idea Validation and Appreciation

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Any Idea worth it’s salt always has a value and to encourage or validate the ideas I have , it would be awesome if its backed up with donation or push or tip! Because nothing says it better then your wallet to say ” that’s a great idea I will try it so here is coffee money” Prefer beer money though :0)

Thank you very much and do stick in a note on how to improve my ideas or what your gift is for?

IF any ones using crypto and wants to get rid of some here you go.

Bitcoin  :                 38R2gTkTVHccXJuvaWp5TMPaoLZG6U4Znx

Bitcoin Cash :       qqa30sh8m38nnafhu2efk3jslxk05g89aq330ulm6d

ETH :                     0x29C4C84C2462bd012A14B0E31bA496FDF4828948

ETC :                     0xcfc4E756cc04fe2458ac12548FF889E2898380FD

LTC :                     M8yjajGCEJPXp55UuLEAkrm5xsqvMNTdrb

This is a validation and appreciation Tip!

If you do encourage my ideas please do let me know which one and some feed back. The best form of validation of an idea is getting paid to support it.


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